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This topic describes the tabs on the NVivo 10 for Mac ribbon.

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Home tab

The Home tab contains the following groups:

  • Item—open project items, get information about project items and turn on edit mode for the item displayed in Detail View.

  • Clipboard—cut, copy paste and merge.

  • Format—change the font and apply text formatting such as bold, italics, underline.

  • Paragraph—indent and align paragraphs.

  • Styles—apply paragraph styling in documents, memos and externals. For example, apply Heading 1 style.

  • Editing—select text, find text or insert images in documents, memos and externals.

NOTE If you are working with a source, some commands are only available when you are in edit mode.

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Create tab

The Create tab contains the following groups:

  • Sources—create new document, external or memo sources.

  • Nodes—create new nodes.

  • Items—create new project items based on your current selection. For example, create new case nodes from selected sources.

  • Collections—create new folders and sets, or add members to an existing set.

  • Classifications—create new classifications and attributes.

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Data tab

The Data tab contains the following groups:

  • Import—import project items from external files or from other NVivo projects. For example, import sources, NCapture files, and classification sheets.

  • Export—export project items. For example, export sources, nodes or classification sheets.

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Analyze tab

The Analyze tab contains the following groups:

  • Coding—code source content. For example, code selected content or code an entire source.

  • Uncoding—uncode coded content.

  • Links—link content using memo links and hyperlinks.

  • Annotations—annotate sources.

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Query tab

The Query tab contains the following groups:

  • Create—create new queries. Text Search, Word Frequency, Coding and Matrix Coding queries are available in this release.

  • Actions—run queries and store query results.

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Explore tab

The Explore tab contains the following group:

  • Classification Sheets—open a classification sheet to see the sources or nodes in the classification (and their attribute values).

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Layout tab

The commands on this tab are available when you are working with List Views and tabular content in classifications.

The Layout tab contains the following groups:

  • Tools—reset customizations to classifications sheets.

  • Sort & Filter—sort and filter the List View or classification sheets.

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View tab

The View tab contains the following groups:

  • Application—Close all open project items.

  • Window—zoom in to see more detail or close the project item currently visible in Detail View. You can also arrange your NVivo work area to display Detail View on the right.

  • Coding—show or hide coding when viewing sources and nodes. For example, highlight coded content, or display coding stripes.

  • Detail View—change the appearance of nodes, node matrices and classification sheets in Detail View.

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