Export sources


There are many reasons why you might want to export sources—for example, you might want to:

  • Share sources with others who do not have NVivo

  • Include your source materials in reports or presentations

What do you want to do?


Export a source

  1. Click on the source in Detail View or List View.

  2. On the Data tab, in the Export group, click Items.

Keyboard Shortcut To export an item, press ⌘ + SHIFT + E

  1. (Optional) You can change the name of the exported file or choose to save it in a different location. If you are exporting a document, you can also change the file format.

  2. Click OK.


  • You can select and export multiple sources of the same type—for example, you could export five document sources.

  • If you want to export a transcript, make sure you click in the transcript first.

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What file types can I export to?

Source type Export file types
Document, memo or external
  • Microsoft Word (.docx, .doc)
  • OpenDocument Text (.odt)
  • Plain text (.txt)
  • PDF (.pdf)



  • The media item only—in its original audio or video format.

  • The transcript only—to Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), PDF (.pdf), plain text (.txt) or OpenDocument Text (.odt)

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