Create nodes automatically


NVivo provides tools that help you to create nodes automatically—for example, you can run a query and make a new node from the results.

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Create nodes by auto coding

You can auto code datasets based on structure. For example, if you are working with a dataset containing survey responses, you can use the Auto Code Dataset Assistant to make a node for each respondent or survey question—refer to Automatic coding in dataset sources.

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When you run a Text Search or Coding query you can choose to save the results as a new node. For example, you could:

  • Run a Text Search query looking for the terms farming and cultivation and save the results at a new node called agriculture.

  • Run a Coding query to find all content coded at wind power and solar power and save the results into a new node called alternative energy.

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Create nodes automatically when importing from NCapture

You can create nodes automatically and code the entire sources to the nodes when you import source materials from NCapture. You can specify nodes to code to when you use NCapture to gather web pages or online PDFs—refer to About NCapture for more information.

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