Valid data types


This topic describes the data types that can be used in NVivo to store values in:

  • Dataset fields (columns)

  • Node and source classification attributes

Data type Used to store Examples

Any textual content—letters, numbers, or characters.


Age range names (Age 20-29 years), city names (Memphis) or country names (Brazil).

Integer A number with no decimal places


Decimal A number with decimal places 874.95
Date A calendar date (month, day of month and year) 10/28/2010
Time A time (hours, minutes and seconds) 06:10:00
Date/Time A calendar date and time within a single value 10/28/2010 06:10:00
Boolean Value pairs True or False, Yes or No, 0 or 1

NOTE  You can change how Boolean values are displayed in NVivo—by changing the settings in your NVivo preferences (on the Labels pane).